About us

Mirković Invest is a real estate development company. It focuses on, not only residential areas, but business ones within the residential complexes as well. The company was founded in 2006. by Vladislav Mirković, the successful leader of Mirković Invest itself. The company has invested in over 10 various project with gross building area about 70.00m2.

Our highly professional company has a clear development vision and holds onto hIgh standards. Throughout our business development we have demonstrated high levels of flexibility based on market & clients’ requests.

Our company works all over Serbia providing high quality real estate development: strategic planning and project development, design and building management, real estate management and placing raw products on market.

Mirković Invest has a primary target to provide the best possible service in accordance to global market requests. Our business is based on highest standards

Press clipping:

Elevate, January 2019
Elevate, November 2018
Elevate, October 2018
Elevate, September 2018
Elevate, July 2018
Elevate, March 2018
Interior, October 2017


Cara Nikolaja Drugog 7-9, 11000 Belgrade